This post is a short review on Antergos, as you can tell by reading the title.

What is Antergos?

Antergos is a Linux Operating System that that uses Arch Linux as its base(Ubuntu uses Debian as its base). While this is not a exactly bad thing, it does mean that there is a learning curve if you’re coming from a Linux Distro based on Debian mainly because there is no native apt support. It instead uses pacman as its package manager, and many of the packages available for Debian/Ubuntu, can be installed with

pacman -S package_name

or with

yaourt -S

From my understanding, pacman is more like apt and just gets the binaries along with everything it needs. yaourt on the other hand, compiles the package along with its dependencies.

Driver Support

The main problem I always run into when using any Linux distro is Wi-Fi drivers, especially on my Asus laptop. In any Ubuntu-based distro, the Wi-Fi would constantly drop out, even after installing the drivers for my Wi-Fi card. Antergos seems to fix this issue, as the Wi-Fi has yet to drop out in the middle of doing something. Linux, in general, has amazing support for more or less any piece of hardware your computer may use. Where Windows has to search for drivers and then install them fifteen times because it keeps crashing in the middle, Linux just works without any hassle. The main exception is Wi-Fi, but some distros get around that. Antergos also surprised me with support for the keyboard volume and brightness control keys, which Ubuntu also had problems with.

App support

While Arch Linux seems to be a bit behind on packages, at least when comparing it to Ubuntu, there hasn’t been any package that didn’t have an Arch equivalent or replacement. Google Chrome doesn’t seem to have an Arch option when downloading from their site yet, but Chromium works just fine with all of my extensions. I’m also learning to like Firefox, especially after their most recent update. I still think Google Chrome looks the best, but the other browsers are catching up fast.

Anyways, let me know what Linux distro you use in the comments :)