About Affiliate Links

Here at Of The Nerds, we make use of affiliate links to help fund this (amazing, might I add) website. An affiliate link is a link that allows the destination website know who sent that visit(often by setting a cookie in your browser). When you make a purchase, the website we sent you to generally gives us a commission for sending them a new customer. However, we do our best to only use affiliate links for products and services we would use, or in many cases, do use ourselves.

These DO NOT cost you anything extra; in fact, you often get a discount or even free credit for using our affiliate link.


We believe that affiliate links are one of the fairest methods to fund a site. When we’re talking about how amazing a product or service is, we can simply use our affiliate link when we mention it. Should you decide that you want to try out said service/product, and use our link, we get a commission. This way, we don’t need to have a ton of ads per page, or crypto-mine in the background without your knowledge. The important thing to remember is that we generally only make money when you purchase the product/service we talk about. If you don’t think it’s good, we don’t make money. So, it’s in our best interest to only recommend the best of products and services.