Month: December 2018


My Data Backup System Thing

One or two years ago, I decided to make my own NAS from a USB hard drive and a Raspberry Pi. It has since grown considerably, and this post covers everything about it. Hopefully, this will help you build your own similar backup system(that is, if you think mine is a good one).

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5 Reasons To Use a VPN

VPN’s have existed for quite a while, but there hasn’t been a need for the average person to use one. That is, until you read these 5 reasons to use a VPN.

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Technical Terms

What Is Shared Hosting?

If you’re starting a website, you’ve likely at least heard about shared hosting. What you might not have heard is what shared hosting actually is.

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Tech Reviews

DigitalOcean Review 2018

DigitalOcean is an IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) provider that currently has 12 regions and around 80 million VPS’s deployed.

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Email notifications
Linux Stuff

Running an Email Server

You finally decided to buy a domain and have your website running. But now, should you run your own email server, or outsource it?

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